BME progression and the TUC – and our survey said – “not known”…

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The Middlesex University Study into Irish Teachers is a unique opportunity to gauge the professional progress of a large ethnic minority group in Britain. If the study is to be a success, it must access as many Irish Teachers as possible. In order to reach this cohort it will need the help of the teaching unions, a fact seemingly recognised by Professor Louise Ryan last week. The Irish have been identified as a racial category since the 2001 British Census and trade unions appear to be ideally placed to locate UK Black Minority Ethnic teachers. But how much do UK unions know about their BME membership? In a study conducted by the Labour Research Department last year, twenty-nine unions were surveyed in an effort to map the leadership progress of BME trade union members. The survey, was then written up by the LRD but it`s the data provided without commentary, that offers the most illuminating insight into the relationship between BME membership and UK unions. Read more of this post

Social Democracy is dead but not for the Golden Generation…

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Don`t let me hear you say that life is taking you nowhere…Golden Years

I recently spent the day at a surprise birthday party held in honour of my partners ninety- year old Aunt. Travelling to the venue we listened to the depressing news concerning UK housing. It was reported that millions of people are struggling to cover their rents/mortgages, an estimated one million reliant on short term loans each month. This issue weighed heavily on my mind during a discussion at the party with a retired Head-teacher who said to me:

“I belong to the golden generation we had it all, we missed the war but drew all of the massive benefits from the Keynesian/Beveridge post war settlement. Meaning a grant aided education culminating in guaranteed employment post graduation. When I was a young teacher there were job adverts everywhere, pinned on the staffroom notice board pleading with you to leave your current job and go to another. I was of course able to take up my first post without debt, the very thought of having a debt was anathema to my generation. Housing was available with excellent local authority stock to choose and if you didn’t want to go into a council house then mortgage`s were an option and easily obtained because of your professional standing. My generation experienced the liberalisation of the 1960s, the end of deference, the freeing up of society a huge social and cultural shift. We had it all and now in retirement we have full pensions, live in lovely homes that we own outright, we are indeed the golden generation…” Read more of this post


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